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Septic tank in Romney, WV


Jolin Concrete Inc first opened its doors in 1977. Since then, we've become a trusted resource for high-quality concrete, plumbing, sewer, and electrical supplies. Call now to learn more or to receive a free quote!


Jolin Concrete Inc  established in  1977 has decades of valuable experience, which we use to help you. After all, if there's one thing we've learned from holding membership in the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce, it's to treat our customers right!

We're also proud to be a business that's family-owned and operated. And not only does our owner have more than 30 years of experience in this industry, he's got deep connections to the area, having been born and brought up right here in Romney.
Concrete pipes in Romney, WV


Jolin Concrete manufactures  septic tanks, cisterns, manholes, catch basins, cattleguards, concrete steps, concrete pipe, bumper blocks, water troughs for soil conversation tanks and retaining walls.   We also offer a security barriers, median barriers, bunker silos, tree planters, concrete trash cans and ash trays.

We offer a complete line of plumbing, pipe and fittings, electrical supplies, sewer pumps, grinder pumps, submersible pumps, bumper blocks, retaining walls, veneer stones and more.  Please visit our Products page for a more in-depth look at what we sell!

In addition to products that will stand the test of time, we provide the absolute best in customer service. Our staff members are all courteous, dedicated and have at least 10 years of experience in this field. Trust them to do everything from ordering plumbing pipes to locating the right concrete blocks for your construction project.


Our service area covers West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. We handle orders of all sizes, and we're happy to work with both contractors and members of the public. Plus we can accept both state and federal orders.

You're welcome to stop by our store to purchase supplies, or we can deliver your materials at your convenience. 
Whatever your needs, we promise to provide you with the most competitive prices in the area. Please talk to us today to get your free quote!
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